Friday, December 16, 2011

My Memo app's new version 1.2 was released !

I'm really happy to announce new version 1.2 of my Memo application !
Please download and use it !

The memo app is very fast. There is One Note in Windows Phone by default. But One Note is slow and not easy to use sometime. So, If you want to take short memo, you must use my Memo app.

  • New Features
I introduce new features of my Memo app. 

  • Colors
You can change background color in my Memo app. 
In previous version, The background color is only wheat. But you are able to choose Japanese originated colors depend on your feeling. These colors are very beautiful.

Also the tile of memo app change when you choose a color.

  • WP specific UI action
I changed user interface to Windows Phone like action. 
Please check these actions.

- Paging like shuffling through a book. 

- Click action. (tilt effect)

- Context menu when you click for a while.

You can check how to implement in your app in these blog posts.

Introduction of using Windows Phone Toolkit vol.2 : Tilt effect
Introduction of using Windows Phone Toolkit vol.3 : Transitions
Introduction of using Windows Phone Toolkit vol.4 : ContextMenu

  • Bug fixes
I fixed these bugs.

- Chinese character is showed when you use Japanese locale setting.
- Add button (+) doesn't work on Memo page.
- ApplicationBar menu on Main page has trouble seeing.

Please download and use it !


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